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Lynne Rutter

Lynne Rutter is a fine art muralist, gilder, and colorist, whose work spans three decades of experience, and emphasizes site-specific design. Her interest in period design and classical methods led her to work on a large number of historic interiors, while seeking out authentic materials and techniques to use in her own artwork.
In modern architecture Lynne applies her knowledge and skill to adorn previously barren spaces with original designs and refined surfaces, using traditional expertise, even as the definition of ‘contemporary’ changes from year to year.

You can see more of Lynne’s work on her blog The Ornamentalist where she writes about the finer points of color and décor, and her adventures while traveling with her camera.

LYNNE RUTTER is a member of the Society of Gilders, a participant in the International Salon of Decorative Painters, and a Fellow of Odd Salon She is a longtime member of Artistic License a San Francisco Bay Area guild of period revival artisans and is currently serving as its President.


Murals, artwork, and detailed ornamentation can be painted on canvas and shipped for installation anywhere.

2325 Third Street #207
San Francisco, CA 94107