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18th Century French Ornament
Three-Day Intensive Workshop

July 6-8, 2017 | Instructor: Pascal Amblard

In this exciting new three-day class, renowned French decorative artist Pascal Amblard will teach the methods of painting the graceful Rococo ornament of 18th century France. Ornament is once again on-trend in decorative painting, and Mr. Amblard is one of the living masters of this style.
Participating artists will paint an ornamental "Turquerie" panel 35"x 40" featuring hand painted vases and figures and stylized ornament suitable for framing, or for use as wall decor, panel ornament, or cabinet inset. Classwork will include choosing colors and materials, effective brushwork, techniques for creating fine"rehaussé" highlights.

Classes are held in a large, fully-equipped working mural studio. Artists of all levels of experience will find plenty to challenge and advance their technique in this workshop.

class fee:

  • reservation fee $300.
  • class size will be limited to 12 and advance reservations are necessary.
  • All paint and all materials used in class, canvas class panel, and a set of quality brushes are included


    Lynne Rutter Studio | 2325 3rd St. #207, San Francisco, CA (map)
    classes are held from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM, with a break for lunch.


    • To reserve a place in this class, you may send a check for the deposit to Lynne Rutter at the above address.
    • Please include your email and phone number so we may confirm your reservation.
    • You may also use the blue PayPal button below to reserve on-line.
    • Installment of $550. will be due on or before June 1, 2017 to confirm your space in class.
    • Because of the distance Mr Amblard is traveling, class fees will not be refundable after June 1, 2017
    • Remaining class fee ($300) will be due on or before the first day of class. Cash or check is preferred.
    • Please Contact the studio with questions about this or other classes.

    18th Century Ornament w/ Pascal Amblard
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    Lynne Rutter Studio occasionally hosts decorative painting and mural classes and specialized workshops on the finer points of decorative art, gilding, and finishing, taught hands-on by established, practicing artists in a spacious, working atelier. Classes emphasize traditional techniques and materials and practical methods.

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    "What a great, immersive experience, to learn something- really learn something I can use- in such a wonderful space... "

    "Thank you Lynne! I loved everything about this class- the work, your generous teaching and humor, the magnificent studio space, and the great food! Please let me know as soon as you schedule another class!"

    "I just finished an entire 10 by 12 foot cloud ceiling in a little over one day all by myself. It came out awesome and I have you to thank for teaching me how to paint clouds so easily. I amazed myself and my client."

    "This is what I want to do and you have totally encouraged me to do it. I didn't want to leave your studio, I had to much fun..."

    "Of course I wear a tiara while I am painting. Doesn't everyone?"

    "Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us. I haven't been so inspired in so long! Looking forward to more classes. "